The Big Gift

Here at theBIGgift our main goal is to make birthdays more memorable. Instead of receiving the usual 5, 10, or 20 smaller gifts, we have developed a very fun and easy way for people to work together in order to purchase group gift for a friend, relative, or significant other!

TheBIGgift is a fun & free

TheBIGgift is a fun & free group gifting app. Simply start a group gift for a friend and invite others to help pitch in! There are millions of REAL gifts to choose from, we have Sofa’s, Xbox 360′s, Plasma TV’s, stuffed animals and everything in between…

the gift

Any gift is affordable

When you and your friends work together, any gift is affordable. That new iPod is now only $15 each for a group of 6 friends. Or that Xbox 360 that costs $199 is now only $10 each for a group of 20 friends. Unlike other group gift giving services, theBIGgift is 100% free, allows users to interact and discuss what gift to choose, allows users to vote, and allows money to be transferred securely through Pay Pal.

TheBIGgift is the most logical and effective group gift giving process ever made. We have made it so our users are in total control and have no obligations of any kind! Your money is never trapped into the service, you don’t need to reach a certain dollar value, and you can cancel the process at will.

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Good luck & we hope you enjoy!

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